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OTIS, OR 97368

Processing History
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Expand Application: S 10721  Application: S 10721
Expand Permit: S 7311  <a href=''>document</a> , <a href=''>paper map</a> Permit: S 7311 document , paper map
Collapse Certificate: 7190  <a href=''>document</a> , <a href=''>paper map</a> Certificate: 7190 document , paper map
Staff Person Responsible: no caseworker currently assigned
Signature: 5/2/1927
Type: Original
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Water Right Information
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Status: Non-Cancelled
County: Lincoln
Basin: Middle Coast
File Folder Location: Salem
Watermaster District: 1

Scanned Documents
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Records per page:
Document TypeDocument TitleDateRemarks
CertificateCertificate 7190 Image5/2/1927 
PermitPermit S7311 Map Image5/2/1927 
PermitPermit S7311 Image5/2/1927 
CertificateCertificate 7190 Map5/2/1927 

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Point(s) of Diversion
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Place(s) of Use
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Expand <table style='width: 400px; white-space: pre-wrap;'><tr><td>Use - DOMESTIC</td></tr></table> (Primary); Priority Date: 4/17/1926
(Primary); Priority Date: 4/17/1926

Water Right Genealogy
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No genealogy records available for this water right, try the family link below instead.